Reclaiming the Rose

Welcome to the heart, mind, and soul of the woman. What it is to walk this world as a woman.  On a mission to wake up.  To feel what has been lost. To call home what has been disempowered. To remember our true nature and birthright.  You will find many reflections here.  Let us create from a place of truth, safety and intimate awareness of the fabric that shapes our world.  Let us not close our eyes, ears, mouths, or hearts as we step into change.  We have no choice rather we stay dead and untouched.  Will you wake with me?  Contemplate with me?  Change with me?  Create a better world with me? I hope you will for we are all in this together and it can't be done without you.
(Artwork by Linzy Arnott)

What is the power in a name? What is the intention you carry in your identity?

These are questions we rarely ask but may find ourselves contemplating when we’ve stepped onto a spiritual path of initiation. In simpler terms, we may get the signal that our old identity feels worn out and ready for retirement, yet we don’t know what we will find or create on the other side.  This is the initiation I speak of, which I began some 7 years ago.  It was literally the summer of 2014 when I finally started giving myself permission to play again.  To explore and find what made my heart sing.  And what many of you know from walking with me over the last 7 years would be a deep journey to healing and transformation.


Some things never change, like the true nature that lives inside you.  This true nature expresses itself most easily when we are a child; one reason why so many people today are doing their inner child work.  Because along the way, domestication happens, trauma happens and adulting certainly happens.  And a...

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Pursuing our True Selves in the midst of our Ancestral Connections.

As our world spirals through waves of expanding consciousness; science, spirituality, creativity and the news of the day, continue to break old beliefs and understandings about the power of what we can or cannot see.  Through our evolution we carry memories, traces of the "aha!" moments along with our family's trauma from war, natural disaster or simply dysfunctional family behaviors.  Its all in there.  The whole story, even back to when we migrated from ancient lands to find new homes as nomadic peoples.  It rides on our genes as the ever popular "23 and Me" and other Ancestry Tests show.  

So how do we move beyond what doesn't serve us and celebrate what empowers us from our blood lines?  How do we unhinge ourselves from the burdens we carry on the outside, but also the inside?  Do you seem to keep living some pattern that you struggle to change?  And on the flip side, are there powerful traits...

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