Reclaiming the Rose

Welcome to the heart, mind, and soul of the woman. What it is to walk this world as a woman.  On a mission to wake up.  To feel what has been lost. To call home what has been disempowered. To remember our true nature and birthright.  You will find many reflections here.  Let us create from a place of truth, safety and intimate awareness of the fabric that shapes our world.  Let us not close our eyes, ears, mouths, or hearts as we step into change.  We have no choice rather we stay dead and untouched.  Will you wake with me?  Contemplate with me?  Change with me?  Create a better world with me? I hope you will for we are all in this together and it can't be done without you.
(Artwork by Linzy Arnott)

Rape vs. Rapture or simply a Rape Culture.

You can't just take what you want for if you do, you steal from yourself.

I got the call. A dear friend on the line, her voice cracking as she asks if I can come down to the ER. She starts breaking up and not because the line is bad.  This time it wasn’t safe for our friend to sleep at a family member’s house for the holidays.

I launch into the shower, feeling my own desire to disassociate from my sleepy body. I set my body into service gear, not thinking, only aiming to be receptive and adaptable to the upcoming situation. I would be there to help my friend decipher the technicalities of being raped, as she got poked, probed and recounted her experience to a total stranger. 

 This was a woman who glowed with femininity, love, sweetness and sensuality I could not dream of attaining, for she just loved and adored…this ran through her bones.  She loved men in a way I could only fear.  She had an innocence about her,...

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