Rape vs. Rapture or simply a Rape Culture.

You can't just take what you want for if you do, you steal from yourself.

I got the call. A dear friend on the line, her voice cracking as she asks if I can come down to the ER. She starts breaking up and not because the line is bad.  This time it wasn’t safe for our friend to sleep at a family member’s house for the holidays.

I launch into the shower, feeling my own desire to disassociate from my sleepy body. I set my body into service gear, not thinking, only aiming to be receptive and adaptable to the upcoming situation. I would be there to help my friend decipher the technicalities of being raped, as she got poked, probed and recounted her experience to a total stranger. 

 This was a woman who glowed with femininity, love, sweetness and sensuality I could not dream of attaining, for she just loved and adored…this ran through her bones.  She loved men in a way I could only fear.  She had an innocence about her, that would quickly shift under the lens of judgement of every word she might try to speak of this event.  No matter close family or Court, her innocence would be questioned and turned black before her very eyes as her own pleasing nature would become the blade against her.   Her very nature deemed desirable until the desire is uncontrolled.  Then it is not he who unleashes the desire that receives question or judgement, but the one which creates such desire with her profound love, beauty, femininity.  This is the propaganda we've been living with since Eve and the apple.  A persecution of our very nature as life bearing, sensual, feminine beings.  The source of unity, creation and bliss....blatantly enslaved, defiled and turned into whore.  We all know the story, but what we are facing is a significant piece of the long time philosophy of the White Supremacist movement.

Rape, by bulldozer or dick, is the destructive nature seeking power.  It pervades our relationships with ourselves, each other and the earth.  The lack of respect, appreciation, and honoring of the feminine leaves us disconnected and dysfunctional.  The genderless act of seeking power and consumption is what we are told makes us worthy.  And while it may be men and beast that know this quest best, others get a taste when they start fighting back or climbing the ladder, finding it burns like fire water, stinging their wombs and hearts if held too long. 

Rape is an ugly word we don't speak.  Speaking it denotes a loss of our very sanctity.  A betrayal that undermines the sacredness of all life. Yet it is a continuous act being played out all over the world in war, in community, within families, in the destruction of our planet, and it destroys the very source of life, the feminine.  Rape impacts our inner landscape undermining our capacity for safety, self preservation and healthy pro-creation.  Rape is the number one destructive force on this planet.
This is where we have dialog.  Where we question our own relationship with the act of taking without asking.  The act of desire, consumption, and destruction leading our choices and the ways we live.  We live in a culture fraught with destruction yet we deny our connection or participation.  Waking up is inevitable.  How do you want your wake up?  If you have the time to read this, you have the time to contemplate it.  Make different choices.  Its not the end of the world.

And then there was Rapture.

Notice.  Consensual holds the world "Sensual" at its root.  What if we lived in a "consensual" society?  One where sensuality was safe?  Where rapture was permitted and enjoyed?  Where beauty and the beast danced as one? 

How do we honor and invite consent into our way of living?  In our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones and our earth?  I challenge you here to take on a new practice, the practice of asking?  Ask yourself if what you think you should do is truly right for you.  Ask your loved ones if what you want to do feels right for them, honestly.  Ask the earth if how you want to proceed is something it agrees to.  Share this with your friends, family, co-workers and so on.

Rapture only comes when the space is safe.  The flower can unfold, surrendering to the very bliss of being open, only where self awareness and respect for life is the guiding principle.  Where not just the feminine but the power of the masculine is given safe space to touch its own vulnerability as a form of power, this is integration of the feminine.  We are not just what our bodies show, but a unification of both inside.  The denial of the inner feminine within the masculine is at the root of the destructive hunger we face in our current culture.  We must turn the wheel as the veil is pulled back on the darkness of our nature turned against us, lost in fear for the quest of love and rapture.  This is how we take our power back as all people. I envision a world where we appreciate, adore and honor the feminine, give space to the power, beauty and strength of the masculine, letting the differences dissolve into the rapture of both inner and outer union.  I know this is a tall order, but this is the blade that must be sharpened, not the old one covered in our blood.  

Be Curious.  Be Compassionate.  Be Consensual.

Written by Laurel M. Sofia-Ravens

 Worth following: Pharos: Doing Justice to the Classics was started in order to raise awareness about how hate groups are using Greco-Roman antiquity to legitimize their politics.  At the beginning of 2019 they were honored to be recognized by the Women’s Classical Caucus, which awarded Pharos the “Public Scholarship” award for work “geared toward non-specialist audiences” that “address[es] feminist concerns or any other concerns related to marginalized groups.” 


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