How Art and Meditation can Change the World.

How does Art and Meditation change the world?

Well it all starts right here at home, inside your own mind and body.

 This painting here, is one I created one night when I decided to step into a part of myself I could not define.  This image came forth. I came to call the space behind the woman “the mind sac”, for it felt like the very space so much is stored within our subconscious. The very space where we hold unaddressed trauma, beliefs, even ideas about how we think the world is supposed to be.

 Then life comes along and challenges something we may not be able to see and then we find ourselves faced with pain, illness, confusion or fear. These are common signs of the next invitation. Are you going to stuff it back down inside you OR are you going to look at it and figure out what needs to change?  Are you going to give yourself an opportunity to heal and release it? And in the process, possibly also release yourself from a life pattern that is no longer serving you?

 This painting illustrates a number of things. First we see this woman in the dark, a light coming from her third eye of intuition, illuminating the darkness in front of her as well as the energetic sphere she is contemplating. The space behind her is both connected to something much greater above her, but also to her physical body. What you can’t see is that  “the mind sac” was originally adorned with sharp spikes that made it very uncomfortable to view. I recognized these spikes as the unseen protection I had built up at an early age, internally to protect my heart. Over the years these spikes had become a barrier to my connecting with others as well as to giving and receiving love. I knew this needed to change.

 What is also present, is an angelic force behind the woman, holding a mirror image of the orb she is contemplating, supporting her through the process as well as connecting her to a greater chain of events we can’t see. Seeing this image after painting it served as a point of realization and contemplation. At this point, not only did I recognize a form of spiritual support I hadn’t really been tapping into, but I also decided to change my reality.

That is when I decided to replace the spikes with soft beautiful feathers. The quality of the feathers would give me the ability to sense very subtle energy while providing a softer energetic signature emanating within and from my own self.

 Changing the spikes to soft feathers would not make me less safe, for my perception of the world is what creates my very reality. I know this is always a hard pill for people to swallow when we see so much destruction around us. But if you are busy seeing the world as a violent destructive place, you will live that inside and out. If you see the world as a place of love and compassion, you will generate this within yourself and around you. This is the fundamental starting point for creation and change in our world. We can not create peace and love in the world if we do not create it within ourselves first.

 Now, back to what art and meditation have to do with changing the world!

 Well first, your brain doesn’t know the difference between visualizing something and the real thing. Therefore, every time you visualize how you want to feel or what you want to experience, it is registering in your brain and body as reality. Just watch as things change around you with this practice.

Secondly, when we tap into our greatest wisdom, then create from this space, we create a real time representation in our physical world, both giving ourselves an access point for keeping our vision alive, while also putting into motion our prayer, blessing, intention or even prediction. Visionary art can and will serve all of these functions when we step into its stream, for creativity is directly related to the very universal source of all life – Creation.

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Sending you all love and blessings on your journey.


Laurel M. Sofia-Ravens


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