Pursuing our True Selves in the midst of our Ancestral Connections.

As our world spirals through waves of expanding consciousness; science, spirituality, creativity and the news of the day, continue to break old beliefs and understandings about the power of what we can or cannot see.  Through our evolution we carry memories, traces of the "aha!" moments along with our family's trauma from war, natural disaster or simply dysfunctional family behaviors.  Its all in there.  The whole story, even back to when we migrated from ancient lands to find new homes as nomadic peoples.  It rides on our genes as the ever popular "23 and Me" and other Ancestry Tests show.  

So how do we move beyond what doesn't serve us and celebrate what empowers us from our blood lines?  How do we unhinge ourselves from the burdens we carry on the outside, but also the inside?  Do you seem to keep living some pattern that you struggle to change?  And on the flip side, are there powerful traits your ancestors carried, that are undeniably you? What have you dismissed or overlooked that is part of your ancestry, that might just fill you up in a whole new way? 

No matter what, there is a process of sifting through the ashes here.  Reviewing what we may wish to release and what is meant to be cherished, on some of the deepest levels possible.  

This is where we claim our Selfhood!

This is where I transition from the old baggage into the new mythology.  Taking stock of ancient myth, particularly that of the Goddess Artemis who aides us in our pursuit of truth. 

Inside all of us lies a Hunter or Huntress that is built for identifying and pursuing our passion and our truth.  The clarity required of the huntress is to know ones' self so well that when the arrow is drawn, there is no question as to the target.

The same applies to life.  Becoming so clear on what you desire to experience, pursue, and claim purely as your birthright, along with the right to protect the purity of how you want to live.....this is the power given by Artemis.  There is a lot to take in here.  So I'll leave you with the video of my little talk and guided empowerment meditation about Artemis.

We are living in a new paradigm, one that calls for us to move beyond the old and both envision and enact a new way of being.  I encourage you to take some time to do the meditation included here and to answer the questions I've posed.  How would time dedicated to your self, being curious and compassionate, reveal understanding and direction that otherwise may not surface.

I am here to cheer you on.

You stepping into your True Self is just what the world needs!


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