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Coming Home - A Path of Self Discovery

There are many facets on the path to wholeness. Mindfulness, compassion, nature, creativity, and spiritual healing, all hold the power to heal. When we remember our connection to spirit through nature and creativity, we connect to the spark that creates all life and that which lives within us. This spark, is the doorway to the unseen, sacred source of life and divine guidance. Through creativity, mindfulness, and spiritual practices, we can connect to our deepest selves, our interconnectedness, and intuition. We discover our innate wisdom, our truths, and begin to heal. Begin to become whole, leaving behind the old patterns that are no longer our truth. Leaving behind the wrong relationships, the illnesses, the pain and suffering. This is the path to manifesting beauty and change in our lives. Magic, healing and empowerment is found when we remember our divine spark and that our creative nature can lead us to wellbeing and a vibrant life in alignment with our true selves.

Sofia Ravens

It was over twenty years ago, when healing came in connecting to spirit through making art and studying spirituality in college. These resources gave me access to personal empowerment, inner knowing, and spiritual guidance. Fifteen years later, creativity and its powerful connection to healing and spirit, saved me again after I'd followed my dreams all the way to burn-out.  After a demanding career in the Arts, I left it all to return to the original wisdom.  The intuition and the healing power that lies in our creative nature.  Now, after years of spiritual trainings, retreats, travel, and countless hours of meditation, ceremony and channeling through art, I have come home to my own creative gifts to help people remember who they are and how to get back to living from a place of deep inner knowing, personal empowerment and connection with spirit. I look forward to sharing the Journey with you. 

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"Sofia helped me come home to myself. She helped me find my creative voice and my truth." -Steve Labadie


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